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“I’m just getting him warmed up so he doesn’t buck you off,” says Fimmel, who is 37 and was raised on a dairy farm in Echuca, Australia. when he was 21, after being scouted by a modeling agency and dropping out of architecture school.He grew up working in his family’s cherry orchards, camping and fishing with his two older brothers, and surfing behind dirt bikes in irrigation canals. Almost immediately, he was stopping traffic on billboards modeling Calvin Klein underwear.Charles Roven and Alex Gartner will also serve as executive producers.Fimmel is repped by Management 360, Paradigm and AJ Brandenstein of Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern.Fimmel is extraordinarily soft-spoken—introverted, even—for a guy at risk of being typecast as a barbarian.At an interview with three of his castmates at Comic-Con in July, Fimmel managed to get through the entire Q&A saying exactly zero words.Ragnar may have met his fate on “Vikings,” but History is staying in business with Travis Fimmel, the man who played him.

He starts shooting a blockbuster bank-heist film, , in September, starring alongside Kate Bosworth and Forest Whitaker.

But he’s only now being tested in parts with more range, like his supporting role as a bearded-hipster pickle entrepreneur in the 2016 roman­tic comedy that was shot in Oregon and wrapped this summer.

On that project, he ducked out for a few days to reel in his first steelhead with a friend at the mouth of the Chehalis River. The Blue Cut Fire had just broken out in San Bernardino, and disaster-relief crews were a constant presence on the highway.

“He says he knew about horses—everything he learned right here, on that horse. ­Before the trailer, he lived in an old Ford Econoline with a pop-up bed. “It wasn’t road worthy.” Unlike the cool kids who gussy up Sprinter vans and Westfalias, Fimmel only recently upgraded from a flip phone to an i Phone 4, does no social media, and rarely checks his e-mail.

“I’m always getting texts asking why I’m not responding on Instagram or Facebook, and I’m like, ‘It’s not me.

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“You get sucked into it, trying to be good at it,” he says.

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