I had a family crisis (my dad died) and could not deal with them at that time.In October I received another charge of 3 on my credit card from Match so I called them and I was told that I was still signed up and I that I had an active profile. High percentage of scammer ( Russian or Nigerian ) profiles, plus a very high number of faked accounts that I assume are created by a bot. JUST CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO REMOVE THE CHARGES, THEN TRY THE BUMBLE DATING SITE BECAUSE IT IS JUST AS GOOD IN MY OPINION, & IT IS FREE. After calling them multiple times, they told me that I should have gone under my account settings & adjusted their default settings within a certain timeframe even though my status stated Guarantee.So how do you expect to investigate a problem when you delete everything? Well, a year later I got charged again and three months later another charge. I thought I as paying for a a month auto renewal subscription for one year.So I contacted the company again to get a refund, since I was promised that no auto renewal would happen, but oh of course, "You do not qualify for the refund policy." So the company just holds my credit card and continues to charge whatever they want. YES, I made a mistake and should of read the details of the plan. Seriously, I doubt would even be worth 0 for one year subscription, unless it is one prestigious dating site.

s and would freeze the moment a face to face conversation occurs. GOTTA LOTTA LUV 4 MATCHES SERVISE BUT GOTTA AGREE WIT A LOT OF PEEPS ON HERE. PEACE OUT X I signed up for a 3-month Match subscription in January of 2017.

I work 2 jobs and email was my only chance of contact, but I called on my only day off and the person was like you used this service we cannot refund you.

I was like well I only used the service within the trial period, so you are telling me that you offer a trial period but if I say yes and use the service I am automatically billed? So I was instructed to contact my bank to see what they could do about these fraudulent charges and they opened a case. But then I was told I needed to deactivate the account which I asked for not once but twice via email with the company.

I was ever harassed multiple times about my political stances from members who recognized me on Facebook.

I paid for a 6 month subscription, and after three months, I was blocked. When I reached out to customer care, to see what the problem was, I got told that I had violated terms.

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