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That night, I did not tell him what his column, and the Journal, meant to a very sheltered, searching and mixed-up Persian-Jewish girl, who had her eyes opened to a big and more beautiful world.There really is no telling how one star leads to the next.

Through Gina Nahai’s poetic descriptions of Iran, pre- and post-Revolution, I became a proud Persian-Jewish woman.

I dared not voice my desire for a secular education. The rules forbade any dress and behavior that could be construed as seductive — even bicycling. There was a singles column called “My Single Peeps” by Seth Menachem — and the very first article I read was Seth’s hilarious, laugh-out-loud description of the single friends he wanted to set up.

It was obvious: We girls were mere baby-making machines. My father had a beard and wore a black hat, and my mother wore a wig and modest clothing. Shmuly is the least typical Chasidic Jew you will ever meet.

Do you feel the religion has become more important as the relationship grows?

Does this difference in religions impact the relationship?

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