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Marcus’ group, the Brandeis Center, receives significant funding from one of America’s most notorious pro-Israel ideologues, Daniel Pipes.He has a veritable empire of Islamophobic projects including the Middle East Forum and Campus Watch, Islamist Watch and Middle East Quarterly.label both political criticism of Israel and Palestinian rights activism as anti-Semitic...This campaign propagates Islamophobia and Anti-Arab racism.Marcus has filed spurious complaints under Title VI of Civil Rights Act against major universities like Barnard College, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz, accusing the administrations of turning their campuses into places where Jewish students feel unwelcome and even intimidated and physically endangered.

Instead, [he seeks] to censor speech on campuses across the country, suppress academic diversity, marginalize Arab and Muslim students, and elide the political and ideological diversity within the Jewish community.

The Koret Foundation, a large Bay Area Jewish foundation and major funder of Islamophobia, donated ,000 to the Brandeis Center in the same year.

In an indication of how the specter of ‘anti-Semitism” is being instrumentalized, the president of Western Washington University, Bruce Shepard, told the Seattle Times last week that his campus -- which had witnessed threats against Black students a year ago -- had also seen three anti-Semitic incidents in recent weeks.

Then, if the activists refuse the meeting, Jacobs thinks he comes out smelling like a rose: he reached out for dialogue and his opponents disdained his outreached hand. The law school administrator did offer to host a separate later talk on the issues, at which protesting students and Jewish Voice for Peace would be welcome to present a talk on the same issues from their perspective.

Though the students are considering this offer, they wrote this letter of protest which has been signed by nearly 500 individuals.

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