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Suffice to say, the peer review process is not foolproof and has many problems and limitations: Despite the advantages, peer review is simply incapable of ensuring that research is correct in its procedures or its conclusions.

The history of every area of science is a record of one mistake after another.

He points out the advantage of peer review but then documents its many shortcomings in practice, including rejecting top research while admitting fraud, as well as an all-too-common role in protecting the ruling paradigm.

So it is folly for anticreationists to hide behind it instead of dealing with the arguments.

Are the ‘peers’ of old-earth scientists not also proponents of an old earth?

Would this not cast serious doubt on the validity of their research?

On many occasions my own submissions and those of others have been greatly improved by reviewers’ feedback.

I have also, at times, recommended against publishing a particular submission—not because I disagreed with the author’s conclusions, but because I discovered false assumptions or serious flaws in the arguments presented.

Normally, a peer-reviewed article which passes muster would be published in a leading journal such as from the Geological Society of America, [not just] on the ICR website.As Lawrence Altman put it: ‘[P]assing peer review is the scientific equivalent of the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.’‘But unbeknownst to the media, the journals at the top got there because of herd behavior by researchers, not because they are better than lower-tier journals at vetting research quality.Here’s why: Researchers submit their best work to the top journals, which can therefore afford to maintain their prestige by rejecting, not publishing, many high quality papers. Most of their editorial effort goes into deciding which submitted papers are sufficiently newsworthy.), it reveals an astonishing ignorance and naivety of how science and the peer-review process is actually conducted.Proponents of young-earth creationism are not the only scientists who have experienced this kind of discrimination.

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